Aquaponics: Integrating aquaculture with hydroponic plant production in a well balanced ecosystem.

We provide consulting, training/education, seminars and systems. Our clients are: farmers, small holders, homesteaders, gardeners, chefs, missionaries, organizations and educational institutions.

We’re Not For Everyone

About the System

Our systems are designed using permaculture principles. Minimal inputs are required with the goal of human maintenance, planting and harvesting being the only outside input. The systems are designed to be the hub of a larger, natural and organic food production system, or a stand alone system.

The Ecoponics systems are not simply a lettuce factory, but a system to produce large varieties of greens, vegetables, fruits and aquatic proteins.

We do not use raft growing systems. The primary growing system utilizes grow beds with grow media and is modular. There are times when there is an advantage to add nutrient film systems (NFT) either vertically or horizontally.

The aquaponics system is designed to be stand-alone without the dependence on such suppliers as nutrient manufacturers, fish feed producers or system manufacturing companies. Regardless of where the system is located in the world, any supplies should be available locally and inexpensively.

Inner city aquaponics system

Some Systems

Our systems are modular and designed for specific use:

  • Greenhouse systems
  • Educational systems
  • Production systems
  • Garden system
  • Urban systems
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